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Quotes from Citizen Joe and COUP D'ETAT

Thank you! Jack?!
O’NEILL: He’s a barber.
DANIEL: Broke into your house?
O’NEILL: Yeah.
DANIEL: Second week in a row.
O’NEILL: Mm-hmm.
DANIEL: (pointedly): Alarm.
O’NEILL: I’m thinkin’ dog.
JOE: You could try locking your front door 

- CITIZEN JOE -- season 8 - Stargate SG1

SHEPPARD (to Ladon): What – no ZeePM?
LADON: I sent it to another planet for safe keeping. How stupid do you think I am?
SHEPPARD: From what I remember, I gave you a pretty good crack on the head last time we met, so I was kinda hoping it made you simple.
LADON: No, it didn’t ... but ever since then I’ve been plagued with headaches.
(John smiles.)
SHEPPARD: You’re just sayin’ that to be nice. (He stops smiling.) What do you want for it?
LADON: I’ll only talk with Weir.
SHEPPARD: Do I make you nervous?
LADON: Not at all, Major. I’m just not interested in talking to the errand boy.
SHEPPARD: That’s Lieutenant Colonel Errand Boy to you.

McKAY: What the hell happened?
SHEPPARD: We got gassed.
McKAY: Are we in some sort of trouble?
SHEPPARD: Was it the gas or the prison cell that was your first clue?

- COUP D'ETAT --  Season 2  - SGA

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