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Quotes from seaseon 10's Morpheus so *spoilers* for that and one quote from Lockdown (season 8) 


JACKSON: I got it! *rushes round the corner as all the others turn back to see what he wants* Got it! *slows* I made the connection. Circle wain de gowcamay doluca and allowyn, Vagonbray…

CARTER: *looks at Mitchell* and you say I'm hard to understand.

-- Morpheus - season 10 - Stargate SG1


MITCHELL: This place is deader than a Texas Salad bar

-- Morpheus - season 10 - Stargate SG1


LANDRY: what are you doing?

VALA: *waves* Just a little research for my upcoming mental appraisal…

LANDRY: *chuckles* well you can't cram for a psychiatric evaluation…

VALA: *makes notes* that's what they want you to think…it's a battle of wits…my mind against theirs…they'll try and confuse me with their trick questions…but I already have the correct answers.

LANDRY: there are no correct answers.

VALA: for instance when they ask me *reads notes* "what do you consider your biggest flaw?"

LANDRY: no…they won't ask that question…

VALA: my answer will be…that I feel I am too much of a perfectionist… *looks at him grinning* you see…I…I…uh…put a positive spin on a negative.

LANDRY: Yes…that was very transparent.

-- Morpheus - season 10 - Stargate SG1


VALA: well it's not like I haven't encounter this sort of thing before…you know…I saw it everyday in the eyes of the people who couldn't separate me from the Goa'uld who enslaved them…so you know in stead of becoming a victim of their arrogance and stupidity I chose to take advantage of it, so I lied, I cheated and I stole. I'm not going to apologize for it and…to be perfectly honest with you…I can't guarantee that I won't do it again…*small sad laugh, walks over to elevator* of course…*calls elevator, turning back* I have recently found myself risking my life for something other than my own personal benefit…*doors open* maybe it's just a phase…hold it please…*Airman, holds the doors* or maybe it's because for the first time *steps in* I've actually met someone who in some small way actually believes in me. But I'm sure you're right…I'm sure it will pass. *looks at the airman as the doors shut* what?!

-- Morpheus - season 10 - Stargate SG1


Teal'c: Is there a problem, Dr. Carter?
Carter: No birds.

-- First commandment - season 1 - Stargate SG1

Carter: What is it Teal'c?
Teal'c: No birds.

-- Morpheus - season 10 - Stargate SG1


DANIEL: Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?! 

DR. BRIGHTMAN: You’re recovering from a gunshot wound. 

DANIEL: What?! 

TEAL'C: You have no recollection of the incident? 

DANIEL (plaintively): No! Who shot me? 

O'NEILL: Don’t ... change the subject. What do you remember? 

DANIEL: Uh, I went to see Colonel Vaselov and right in the middle of our conversation he collapsed and I went to help him and ... that’s it. 

CARTER: You don’t remember accompanying him to the Infirmary? 

DANIEL (plaintively again): No! ... (Suspiciously) Who shot me? 

(Sam looks embarrassed and moves her eyes towards Jack. Teal’c looks inscrutable as usual. Jack glances back and forth between Sam and Teal’c, then looks at Daniel. Daniel takes a breath and stares as he realises who shot him.) 

(shrugging): You were shooting up the Gateroom. 

CARTER: You wounded two guards....

-- Lockdown - season 8 - Stargate SG1

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